Reeder vs. Feedly

Animal Control and RSS Feeds!

So, the Animal Control music video is only six days away and I am super psyched about it. All the editing is completed and we are just waiting to unveil it. A LOT of time went into piecing it together and it definitely shows. Everyone is sure to enjoy it.…read more

Animal Control Teaser

Animal Control Coming Soon

Lots of new things in the works. But first and foremost, this weekend I am hitting the editing booth with KILLAKAKE ( to put together his new music video for his song “Animal Control”. Check out the teaser image below.

Tough Guy Media

Now Live!

Tough Guy Media is now officially live as of Monday, March 25th, 2013! Contact me now for all of your graphic design, video production, and online marketing needs!

Tough Guy Media


Hello everyone and welcome to Tough Guy Media. I, Zach Edmunds, have set out on the adventure of fulfilling design, video, and marketing needs of clients. With my expertise in these fields I hope to help individuals broaden their audiences and achieve their marketing goals.